Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers To Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions we have received from our customers.


Q: What does a plumber do?

Anybody who previously faced a broken toilet or a busted pipe will definitely tell you that plumbers are heroes. A plumber repairs and installs waste disposal systems, water supply & related appliances and fixtures to keep businesses and homes flowing smoothly. Plumbing job is physically demanding.

Q: Do Melbourne plumbers need to be licensed or qualified?

Yes. The law requires that you hire a licensed plumber. This is because your plumbing system is fundamental to the functionality of your business or your home. Think about the inconvenience that can be caused by a burst pipe, not to mention safety and health implications. Plumbers are specially trained to work safely on a variety of plumbing aspects. Licensed plumbers are therefore instrumental in renovation of a home, where removal & installation of plumbing elements are key to the functioning of different rooms in a home- more so laundries, kitchen and bathroom. A Plumber can obtain license applications the VBA (Vicorian Building Authority) website.

Q: Are you qualified and licensed?

Yes .We recognizes the important role played by plumbers in development & maintenance of public health & ensuring environmental sustainability. That is why we only engage the services of qualified and licensed plumber. We always strive to give you the highest quality plumbing service.

Q: Why should I hire a plumber with the correct qualifications?

Plumbing that is not installed properly may cause damage to property and also pose health risk to you, your family, or your guests. In order to avoid all these, it is extremely important that you hire not only a skilled plumber but also one who is qualified to install or repair your pipes.

Q: My drains are blocked can you help?

Blocked drains may stop waste water from draining away, which may be smelly and messy, so you need to have it fixed as soon as possible. We understand perfectly well that unless you are a qualified plumber, it is difficult to identify exactly where the blockage is as well as who owns which pipe work. It is worth having a quicker look at who takes care of what inside & outside your home’s boundary on our drains and sewer explained page. If you are still unsure, we will be more than happy to get the problem fixed. The fasted way is to give us a call. You can also contact us online free of charge between eight in the morning and nine in the evening.

Q: Can you fix leaking taps?

A leaky tab or dripping tap normally means the tap requires renewing, however may also be caused by damaged valve seating. Our leak detection professionals are the best solution for identifying the source of leaking water in your home. Speak to your local plumber about your leak and they will advise of the best strategy to either repair or replace.

Q: My toilet is blocked can you help?

There are only a few things more frightening than overflowing toilets. They may ruin your toilet, your floor as well as ruin your day. At times something specific may get into the pipes, however more often than not toilet paper & other such related things may build up over time. We can dispatch a plumber to your home or office to have the problem fixed.

Q: Our dishwasher isn’t draining properly, what do we do?

It may be messy as well as frustrating problem; however drainage problem on dishwater is common. Just call a dishwasher repair to fix it.

Q: Do you offer emergency plumber services?

Sometime, plumbing problems need emergency services after hours. If you need a plumber on the weekend or early hours of the day or night, we are just a phone call away. Please note these services may incur an additional call-out fee.

Q: How do i find a reliable plumber in Melbourne?

If you need the services of a reliable plumber, word of mouth is the best reference.Ask your friends or neighbors to see if they can recommend a good plumber to you.

Q: What does is cost to hire a plumber?

The average cost ranges from $45 to $150 per hour depending on the location, timing and nature of the job. Ask your preferred plumber for a free quote to get the process started. Then you can get a few more quotes and compare prices.

Q: What areas of Melbourne do you service?

Areas that we have been servicing for the past two decades include: Inner city (CBD), Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern suburbs. We also service the Mornington Peninsula.

Q: What hours is Pro Plumber open?

Our offices are operational as from nine in the morning to eight in the evening. Our emergency services are available round the clock.

If you have a question not answered above please feel free to contact us or return the the Pro Plumber Melbourne home page and fill in your details in our contact form.