Pro Plumber Melbourne Services

At Pro Plumber Melbourne, we know what a hassle plumbing problems can be. From leaky pipes to broken pipes, our licensed, qualified plumbers are available to tackle the job. With 10-years of experience, we promise 100% customer satisfaction on all jobs, and the level of expertise you expect from one of the best plumber services available.

We currently offer 24/7 plumber services throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas including: Inner City, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Bayside, South East, West, North, and East.

Our Plumber Services Include:

Our qualified and licensed mobile plumber is available for a variety of traditional plumbing services including emergency plumbing 24/7. The full list of services we offer are:

  • Hot Water Plumber

Is your new home ready for hot water? Call on the team at Pro Plumber Melbourne for installation and setup of your new hot water system.

  • General Plumber

Whether you are upgrading your pipes, starting new home construction, or simply being proactive about plumbing maintenance – we’ve got you covered. Our plumber service is designed to cover an array of basic maintenance and upgrading issues for residential and commercial consumers alike.

  • Blocked Drains

Slow moving water? A clog that won’t clear? We can help with that too. Before you reach for expensive clog remover, call us to thoroughly cleanse the problem.

  • Gas Fitting

If you are one of the millions of customers who choose gas heating and cooling, let our gas plumber sort out your problem. After a careful assessment, we can provide an affordable quote for your new gas line installation.

  • Leaky Taps

Did you know that leaky taps can increase your water bill by up to 15% per year? Don’t let that slow drip cost you money. With a few tweaks to your system, we can eliminate the leak in your faucet, and your wallet.

  • Toilet Plumber

Are you tried of overflowing toilets and sporadic refilling? Our team members can help you install wider pipes or fix that leaking toilet.

  • Burst Pipes

Nothing ruins your day like a burst pipe. When this occurs, your home may become flooded and your personal belongings ruined. We work quickly to fix the problem for you and help you get back to life as normal.

  • Emergency Plumber

Night or day, when you need Pro Plumber Melbourne, we will be there. Emergency plumbing is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week – even on holidays.

Why Hire a Professional Plumber?

A common misconception is that “anyone” can fix a minor plumbing problem. Nearly 30% of all calls received by professional plumbers are to repair damages done by do-it-yourself home owners. There are several advantages of hiring a professional the first time which include:

  • Fast, affordable repairs – done right from the start.
  • Saved time and money on repair errors.
  • Workmanship guaranteed.
  • Proper problem diagnosis.
  • Every Plumber is Qualified and Licensed.


At Pro Plumber Melbourne, we take pride in the work that we complete. Not only will our team members provide you with the service that you need, but we can help you understand how to tackle future problems and the importance of plumbing maintenance.

What is plumbing maintenance?

Whether you live in an apartment, a 50-year old house, or new construction, proper plumbing maintenance is important for the lifecycle of your pipes.

Plumber Tips & Advice

  • Place hair traps over shower drains. These collect loose hair and prevent it from clogging further down the pipe.
  • Avoid use of highly corrosive drain cleaners. The corrosive chemicals in these cleaners can eat away at your pipes as they age which may lead to leaks or burst pipes.
  • Add food traps to your kitchen sink drains. Be sure to clear all dishes and pans into a garbage before placing into your sink. Food continually rinsed down the drain builds up along the sides of the pipe and prevents water from flowing freely.
  • Avoid dumping grease down any drains. Cooking grease and oils solidify in your drains creating a breeding ground for bacteria and particle collection. This quickly leads to clogged pipes and potentially costly repairs.
  • Use preventative natural cleaners regularly. A simple way to keep your drains clean is to combine 1 part baking soda with 5 parts white cleaning vinegar and pouring it down your drains each week. The natural bubbles will wash away debris and keep your pipes running smooth without the use of corrosive materials.


Pro Plumber is your complete plumbing solution from new pipes to maintenance to repair.

Fill out our online form for a free quote or call upon our expert plumbers on (03) 8595 9880.